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DCI vs SDC: By the Numbers

Posted on 21 January 2014, 5:42 PM PST by Eric Peters under News

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With the introduction of the SEMA Data Co-Op (SDC), in late 2012, there are now two data (PIES/ACES) repositories targeted to Performance & Accessory Data Suppliers & Receivers. With the SDC now out of BETA & in the full Production Phase, we wanted to see how they stack up to DCI from an available data standpoint. The results actually surprised us a lot.

Overall Stats:

DCI vs SDC Total Product Lines

Due to how long DCI has been around in the industry, we expected SDC to be a sub-set, or perhaps a super-set of the DCI product lines:

DCI vs SDC Predicted Product Line Overlap

In practice, the numbers show a much different story:

DCI vs SDC Actual Product Line Overlap

Total Unique Product Lines Between Both: 430
Product Line Overlap: 118 (27%)

DCI Total Market Coverage: 66%
DCI Exclusive Market Coverage: 38%

SDC Total Market Coverage: 62%
SDC Exclusive Market Coverage: 34%

Both have a very large "Exclusive" data sets.

As a data receiver, if you were thinking about moving to the SDC exclusively, at least right now, you'll be leaving behind a lot of brands.

As a data supplier, it might make sense to participate in both repositories, to maximize your distribution to receivers.

Some Notes:

  • DCI had 22 Product Lines that didn't have records in the AAIA Brand Code Database, SDC had 25. These were assumed to be non-overlapping brands & unique to each repository.
  • Product Lines that were mapped to a single AAIA Brand Code were effectively "de-duped"
  • Sources: DCI Available Product Lines, SDC Available Product Lines, & AAIA Brand Database
  • If you would like to get a copy of our dataset, please contact us