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Posts from May 2014

I recently wrote an SBT plugin that allows you to resolve and publish using Amazon's S3 service. This is useful if you want to use S3 as a private Maven (or Ivy) repository. I've released the plugin as open source under the Apache 2.0 License.

The source code is available on GitHub:


The plugin is available on Maven Central so all you have to do is add it as a plugin to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.frugalmechanic" % "fm-sbt-s3-resolver" % "0.3.0")

You also need to make your S3 credentials available to the plugins via one of the methods specified in the file. The easiest method is to just create a ~/.sbt/.s3credentials file of the following format:

accessKey = XXXXXXXXXX
secretKey = XXXXXXXXXX


Just add your s3:// URL to the SBT Resolvers:

resolvers += "FrugalMechanic Snapshots" at "s3://"

Note: If your bucket is public then you don't need the plugin and can just use the normal https:// URL.


Just use the s3:// URL:

publishTo := Some("FrugalMechanic Snapshots" at "s3://")

URL Formats

Just take whatever the https:// (or http://) URL for your S3 bucket would be and replace it with s3://. In the examples above I'm using a as a Static Website Using a Custom Domain where is the bucket name. The long form would also work: